Excellence In Pasta

Perfection and Excellence

Fedora Pasta is dedicated to providing perfection and excellent value for money. We understand the hard work that goes into the preparation of quality pasta and want to do what we can to make your job easier. For us this means providing fresh pasta and premade-ready to heat meals at low convenient prices. We're also proud to offer top quality customer service, so drop in today. Get what you need for less at Fedora Pasta.


Dry Pasta Products

Fedora Pasta sources only the finest Australian grown-made ingredients to ensure that quality is always maintained and sure to please.

We offer everything you need in one place for your convenience including a wide range of dry pasta's to make any dish a talking point.

  • Small sized dry pastina for soups.
  • Medium and Large sized dry tubed pasta for hearty soups or casseroles.
  • Long pasta such as Spaghetti Linguine, Fettuccine, Tagliatelle and Pappardelle Freshly cut or Dry.
  • Squid Ink Linguine for a creative Seafood dish.
  • Spinach Fettuccine.
  • Tomato Fettuccine.
  • Chocolate Fettuccine for those who like to indulge or create.

To find out if we have the products you're after, simply give us a call today.

Filled Pasta And Ready To Heat Meals

Fedora Pasta has your complete selection of freshly made pasta. Fresh Pasta Sheets, freshly cut Linguine, Fettuccine, Tagliatelle and Pappardelle, including our fresh Beef Ravioli, Raviollini, Tortellini.

We also manufacture a wide range of filled Ravioli. Favourites like Spinach/Ricotta Ravioli, Pumpkin/Ricotta Ravioli, Chicken and Veal Ravioli/Tortellini, as well as Potato, Pumpkin and Chilli Gnocchi

Our range of ingredients are sourced from locally and imported ingredients. Flour used is Durum Wheat Semolina-Australian made and grown, Free Range Whole Fresh Eggs and we use Australian made Ricotta and Mozzarella Cheese. 

Products available:

  • Fresh Pasta Sheets
  • Dry Pasta
  • Filled Ravioli
  • Beef, Chicken or Vegetarian Lasagne's
  • Spinach/ Ricotta or Beef Cannelloni's
  • Salmon/ Prawn Lasagne
  • And a wide range of frozen ready to heat microwave meals.


Fresh Sauces and Other Products

We also have fresh sauces and more:

  • Bolognese Sauce-Fresh Daily
  • Neopolitan Sauce-Fresh Daily
  • Bosciola Sauce-Freshly Frozen
  • Marinara Sauce-Freshly Frozen
  • Garlic Bread
  • Herb Bread
  • Garlic Pizza Bases
  • Plain Pizza Bases
  • Fresh Ricotta
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese